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23 Aug

As basketball trainers in Irvine and Orange County, we love to watch college and pro players make amazing moves then break them down to our players. In this series one of the top basketball trainers in Orange County breakdown the double crossover turn down move by James Harden @jharden13 Good basketball players know how to make moves, great players know how to create scenarios in which their moves will be successful. Here we see @jharden13 annihilate his defender with a double crossover off a skip step. Great change of speeds when changing direction and beautiful job shifting his frame when hitting the first crossover. Once he hit the crossover he loaded & exploded on the second cross, but the most impressive part of this move was his creating his defender’s awareness of the on-ball screen…through his skip step.  Harden pulls his defender over to the line of the screen and then turns down the screen once the defender reacts to the screen. So many great moves are created through the art of leading their man to an on ball screen with misdirection. As soon as a defender senses a screen coming, their thought process and focus slowly turns to the said screen and we have a brief window where we can take advantage of their loss of focus. Check out this link as J.Lawley Orange County basketball skills trainers breaks this down for those of you to try at home!