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13u Elite Takes The Gold

30 Jun 13u Elite Takes The Gold

OC Select 13u Elite takes the gold in the Avac Bad Boyz Tournament in the 14u Elite Division. Once again the OC Selet 13 and under team plays up in the 14u Gold division taking 1st place. After a exemplary show of how basketball is played, the aau players saw what running sets, making read and executing a game plan results in. They kept their opponents to only an average of 26 points a game while scoring an average of 52. Every offensive and defensive concept was done with precision. It gives them the opportunity to build on their strategies and more their arsenal. They are truly understanding a Varsity level style of play and are loving it. The fact that these boys have stuck together and bought in shows a side of AAU that is rarely seen or manifested, because it takes so much effort from coaches, players and parents. It take an army to build success and we are lucky enough to see this throughout our entire program. Many programs are about hype and winning trophies by playing older players down in order to build a brand. We are looking to build human trophies and so far it has paid off!