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How to Shoot A Basketball Jump Shot Correctly

30 Jan How to Shoot A Basketball Jump Shot Correctly

How To Shoot a Basketball Jump Correctly 

To be a great AAU/Club team or basketball player in Lake Forest, Irvine, Newport Beach or anywhere in the world, will involve a lot of hard work in technique and discipline. AAU Basketball players and teams have a different kind of swagger, only attributed to basketball players. The way they walk and their gait longer steps and a more casual kind of hunch make them noticeable from a distance. That swagger comes from the confidence of knowing that club basketball is played by the world’s most versatile athletes in their earliest days.

What makes the game of basketball  so difficult is that each player is a part of the game. Everyone has a duty and a break in any single duty can spell a loss of possession, turnover or points scored against you. One of the most important skills in basketball is to have a solid jump shot.

Typically a jump shot is considered the highest percentage shot that can be taken and made from a distance. The technique involves a jump which is kind of an evasive action so the blocker cannot block the shot, it can be a vertical straight jump or combining a forward motion. The shot is made by aligning the elbow of the shooting arm with the hoop and the with a pivot action releasing the ball in a shape of an Arc. This is done in mid air to prevent blocking.

The jump shot comes in varieties such as the ‘turnaround jumper’, ‘the leaning jumper’ and the ‘fade away’ among others. All these are varieties based on the position of the opposing player and position of the shooter on court with respect to the hoop. The technicality of the jump shot always remains the same. As you may have seen sometimes a 3 pointer jump shot feels like the player is suspended in air for a brief second when releasing the ball, this is an illusion created by law of motion which simply put means a body when thrown up in the air will spend the maximum time at the top of the throw.

Here are a few basic tips to remember to shoot a basketball jump shot correctly:

-Stand inside the three point line and have your body square to the hoop.

– Bend slightly while keeping your feet and shoulder width apart. Keep the shooting arm under the basketball while the other hand should remain on the side of the ball.

-Point the thumb of your guide hand to the center of forehead and spread your fingers wide to have more control over the ball and follow-through with ease.

– Jump straight and as high as possible while putting your legs together before you shoot.

–  Release the shot before you get to the maximum reach of your jump, forcing the basketball forward and up with only one hand. It is important not to release the ball too late. It takes some practice but not at all difficult to master.

Some interesting facts:

The average height of an NBA player is 6’5”. Hasheem Tabheet of Oklahoma City Thunder is the tallest active player at 7’3” in 2013. The official height of the basket ball hoop is 10 ft from the ground. A 7 ft tall player can just stretch his arm and touch the hoop almost standing.

Basketball AAU club teams and  training in Orange County is where the action is. Orange County has a number of basketball aau clubs, where the game is taught at a professional level. If you search for ‘Basketball training or AAU basketballs Orange County’ you should get a host of results for training and club teams. Orange County is also home to the famous ‘Orange County Choppers’ which shot to fame with custom chopper shows of Discovery and TLC

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