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About Us

Travel Basketball Orange CountyOC Select Basketball is a non-profit organization created to provide a way  for Orange County basketball players to play at the AAU level while building elite character and basketball IQ. Basketball is more than a game its a way of life that flows into family, work and school. OC Select strives build excellence in both individual character and basketball by offering  year round basketball services with the sole mission of creating scholar athletes within the Orange County , Irvine and Newport Beach area. Here is what makes us different:

 1. Learning comes first, winning comes 2nd
 2. We are fundamental based.
3. We make cuts if players are not working on their game and others are passing them up overtime due to only having 1 team per grade level. We do not take everyone.
4. We are not a cattle call, we only allow 1 team per grade level (Players must make the cut)
5. Our programs success is based on how many players we help get on their HS teams by teaching them proper knowledge and skills required. To date 100% of our players have made their high school teams. Most at the the JV level as freshman.
6. All of our coaches have coached at the Varsity, Pro or College level. No team is left with a inexperienced coached.
 Here are some stats:
2014 First Year
*Sent nine players out of our state ranked#17 ranked 8th grade team to high school and they all made JV/Varsity
*7th Grade ranked #11 in State
2015 Sent eleven 8th graders to high school who made Varsity as freshman, they were ranked 8th in the state before moving on, our 7th grade was ranked #8 in state
2016 Sent fourteen 8th graders to high school and 6 made varsity and the other 8 made JV   *7th and 8th grade were ranked ranked top 5 in state and top 50 nationally.
This year we are sending close to 19 players to high school.
*Our outgoing 8th grade class from our top team has 7 out of 9 players who are the most heavily recruited players from OC to San Diego for high major private schools. We had over 15 private schools watching these guys play in their last few tournaments.
*Our top 7th and 8th grade team are again ranked in the top ten in the state and top 25nationally.
We are the only Orange County based club to be ranked in the state back to back years in recent history.
2015-2016 First year of high school:
Signed two players to mid major D2 Colleges on a full ride
4 Players are now playing at the Junior College level
2016-2017 Second year of high school: 
We have already signed 1 player to a mid major Div 1 scholarship and our staff is working with five D1/D2 college prospects.
For only being a few years in high school AAU these types of players coming through a program that isn’t backed by a major shoe company is unheard of. Getting just one guy a scholarship every 3 years is tough and we did it in year one and now in our second year again. We are the only Irvine club to have dealt with any high caliber high school and middle school players year after year in recent years.
This where our roots lie and show that our staff has helped develop young novice players to some of the best. We know that this is a long process and things don’t always look the way you want them you, but rest assure we know what we are doing and our assessments are fair and usually pretty on.
We care about your players and what we do with them.  We have seen great kids go sour, terribly skilled players become monsters, skilled kids plateau and watch others pass them up. We have also seen skilled players hit a level they never though they would from dedication and commitment.  Trust the process, enjoy it and know that most of our staff deals with high level to beginner players daily. As the director/owner of OC Select i know your kids are in good hands. Otherwise the players that have come through this program wouldn’t come through it and continue to flow through from all over So Cal. There is a strenuous recipe to all this:
-Great Academics (First question a private school or college coach asks us)
-Surround your players with good people
-Daily hard work (keywords daily and hard work)
-Good attitude
Hope this gives you a better understanding of who we are.

OC Select is building a culture where parents and players are proud to be a part of program and understand our mission. Although we are still a boutique style club without major backers and multiple teams our talent level competes with the best of them. We have cultivated an empowering movement and culture which plays a significant role in our success. Select is committed to maintaining an environment where members can achieve growth from all angles, even players in our developmental program.  Our program consists of driven, passionate-minded individuals who thrive within the culture of committing to excellence.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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