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Basketball Counter Moves

07 Jun Basketball Counter Moves

As basketball skills trainers in Orange County and Irvine we love to teach counter moves. Having  3 solid moves with 2-3 counters to each of them is a great offensive arsenal to have. Today our  basketball skills trainer JLBBALL is going to break down attacking baseline with A-B-C finishes. Remember to always set yourself up to have an alternate means of scoring (especially around the rim and NEVER premeditated your moves! Basketballball is a game of reading and reacting and thats exactly what our basketball skills training classes in Orange County are designed to accomplish. If u don’t have A, then use B…if u don’t have B, then use C! Click the link to see a  progression of sweeps.

Here are counters to a baseline sweep series:

1.) Sweep

2.) Sweep between the legs

 3.) Blind sweep

Click to Watch Video

*Side note *For all international players, keep in mind that you MUST make a cross body step before putting your dribble down! Sweeps are illegal in most international leagues and you will be called for a travel, but each of the above sweeps is COMPLETELY LEGAL in the US as long as you release the ball before picking up your pivot foot!!