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Dribbling Drill By Orange County Basketball Trainer

29 Jul Dribbling Drill By Orange County Basketball Trainer

As a basketball skills trainer/training service we love to provide resources for people to watch, read and mimic in order to grow their craft. Here is a NBA and a AAU dribble series requires practice with consistency, attention to detail and operating at game speed. Using those 3 traits to progress are extremely crucial to improving this movement. This  progression drill allows you to work on tightening and then extending your dribble while incorporating your game-like explosiveness.


Start your cones narrow while getting progressively wider; once at the last cone, push out to a determined location then come back and work on attacking your defender using different dribble combos (release the med ball when you reach the perimeter, and perform your first dribble move when the med ball hits the ground in order to work on lulling your defender before you kill them with the dribble combo). We use a between the legs dribble drop at each cone focusing on my ability to split my stance outside my frame while dropping my body in order to occupy space and allow myself to be in an explosive position. We hold a med ball as we progress through the drill in order to focus on hand speed, timing, and game-like off arm placement. Make sure to focus on keen attention to detail!!

Click Here To Watch Demo by Basketball Skills Trainer in Orange County Jordan Lawley!