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Basketball Skills Trainers Irvine and Orange County

10 May Basketball Skills Trainers Irvine and Orange County

Learning Basketball skills is all about constant repetition. In order to advance in AAU, Club, Travel or high school basketball players must be dedicated to each skill whether it be shooting, defending, rebounding, dribbling or endurance/strength. At OC Select Basketball in Orange County we incorporate drills that challenge not only the specific skill in mind, but the secondary effect such as conditioning as well. In this video you can see the players working on a predetermined dribble set while cutting and attacking toward the basket in order to learn to finish and put the basketball in the basket. We usually do each drill for 5-7 minutes straight. It may seem long, but what we hope to also build is patience, focus and a strong mind. As time elapses AAU, club and high school basketball players begin to become complacent and lose focus on form and speed. As coach’s and trainers at OC Select we succeed when form and intensity stay consistent from beginning to end. The intensity and focus boils over into games where offenses and defenses require constant attention and poise.