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Basketball Training Orange County

26 Jan Basketball Training Orange County

As a basketball training program in Irvine and Orange County Oc Select basketball trainers strive to create drills that focus on and isolate in game shooting, decisions and skill sets. We like to use this drill in our basketball training sessions in Orange County to really help players focus on keeping the arms, legs and head moving in sync to provide the best shooting form.

This a great basketball shooting drill to help players work on  staying low, shooting out of triple threat, keeping good balance and sync legs with hands while going up for a shot. Its a great form shooting drill that will help keep focus on  backspin, ball control and shooting with proper mechanics.
1.  Player sits in Triple Threat on the edge of the chair.
2.  Player pushed up into the shot on the ball of their feet.

NOTES: Keep fingers on the seams / Exaggerate the follow through on the shot / Maintain good balance in Triple Threat.