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AAU/Club Basketball Orange County

20 Oct OC Select AAU Wins Big

OC Select AAU basketball in Orange County won big this weekend at a major event called the Focus Mahalo Classic! We entered three teams to include 12u, 13u and 14u divisions! Our AAU/Club basketball program went 11-1 overall for the weekend. Our 12u and 13u basketball teams took the gold and the 14u took 2nd place! Thats a great showing and great sign that our teams are stepping up to game time challenges!  ...

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23 Aug

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29 Jul Dribbling Drill By Orange County Basketball Trainer

As a basketball skills trainer/training service we love to provide resources for people to watch, read and mimic in order to grow their craft. Here is a NBA and a AAU dribble series requires practice with consistency, attention to detail and operating at game speed. Using those 3 traits to progress are extremely crucial to improving this movement. This  progression drill allows you to work on tightening and then extending your dribble while incorporating your game-like explosiveness. Drill: Start your cones narrow while getting progressively wider; once at the last cone, push out to a determined location then come back and work on attacking your defender using different dribble combos (release the med ball when you reach the perimeter, and perform your first dribble move when the med ball hits the ground in order to work on lulling your defender before you kill them with the dribble combo). We use a between the legs...

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OC Select 1st ever 17u team competed in the AAU West Coast Nationals in Las Vegas last weekend in the top division. We finished 2nd against some top competition and we are overall extremely happy with the progress our boys have made. We are lucky enough to have had 2 of our players looked at by Division 2 colleges. In less then 4 months we have attracted 2 players with Div 2 looks, many championship appearances and a strong bond with players. The future is bright!...

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19 Jul OC Select Staff Take Part In Charity Event

On July 18th, the OC Select Basketball coaching staff took part in an inner city charity event at Lois Craig Elementary in Las Vegas, NV. Teamed up with Keyon Dooling and members of the NBA Players Association, the event was a great reminder of how more basketball clubs out of Orange County should give back. In order to learn to give back others organizations need to help other spark that layer of giving by showing others its possible! Today was a huge reminder of how basketball extends far further then the court.  A simple tooth brush goes so far for people in need....

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10 May Basketball Skills Trainers Irvine and Orange County

Learning Basketball skills is all about constant repetition. In order to advance in AAU, Club, Travel or high school basketball players must be dedicated to each skill whether it be shooting, defending, rebounding, dribbling or endurance/strength. At OC Select Basketball in Orange County we incorporate drills that challenge not only the specific skill in mind, but the secondary effect such as conditioning as well. In this video you can see the players working on a predetermined dribble set while cutting and attacking toward the basket in order to learn to finish and put the basketball in the basket. We usually do each drill for 5-7 minutes straight. It may seem long, but what we hope to also build is patience, focus and a strong mind. As time elapses AAU, club and high school basketball players begin to become complacent and lose focus on form and speed. As coach's and trainers...

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10 May Side To Side Line Basketball Drill

At OC Select Basketball training we use this side line to side line drill in order to promote conditioning, squaring up and attacking. It gives a young AAU/club basketball playing athlete repetitions in driving baseline off of a pump fake and attacking the basket. You need at least 2 people in this drill. One person to rebound and pass while the other attacks. We usually go for about 45 seconds per repetition for 3 rounds. Players alternate after 45 seconds. The basketball player must go side line to side (not 3 point line to 3 point line) as quickly as they can, but each time they catch the ball of the pass they need to square up, control their space and pump fake before attacking the basket baseline. Its a great basketball conditioning drill as well. If done right it helps AAU and club players gain confidence, strength and foot...

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