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Tustin Club Basketball Team Falls Big In Fall Classic

10 Nov Tustin Club Basketball Team Falls Big In Fall Classic

Club Basketball Tournament Orange CountyThis weekend the Orange County Select 14U Gold club basketball team that has a few players out of  Tustin, Ca played in the Top Gun Fall Classic. We entered this WCE25 event knowing we were major underdogs. Our first two adversaries were sponsored by Adidas and Under Armor. These teams were unlike anything we have seen at the Gold level. Not a player shorter than 5’10 on each team whom displayed athleticism, skill, IQ and sheer basketball toughness. We have not seen any team on the Gold level at any of the tournaments we have played at whether its The Map, Next Level or ASC in 3 years of play. Our boys were shell shocked falling big in both games. The experience we received though was priceless. Our club basketball boys learned that Pride (Love Your Team), Execution( Do What is Practiced) and Effort ( Never Give Up), are the core values that always need to be followed, especially at the level we just saw. Those core fundamentals were the pillars to each teams pedigree in the Fall Classic and should be followed no matter what walk of life anyone come from in order to be a successful athlete and club basketball from team from Tustin or the Orange County area..