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Dribbling Keys For Ladera Ranch AAU Basketball Players

30 Jan Dribbling Keys For Ladera Ranch AAU Basketball Players

Dribbling a basketball is one of the most important skills to have when playing. As a AAU/Club travel program in Ladera Ranch and Orange County, our program puts a strong emphasis on ball handling skills as it is one of those skills that if you have it, then your confidence goes up. Most players who are not good with the ball of high failure rate, because they are limited in their AAU or Club games. Aau players in Ladera Ranch that put an emphasis on their ball handling skills and put in tons of time to improve them will become extremely valuable when on the court. OC Select’s club basketball coaches believe these are the 10 keys to being a good dribbler.

Here are the 10 keys to dribbling a basketball successfully:

  1. Keep head up, low dribble  and eyes up when dribbling.
  2. Keep a low center of gravity with a strong base to ensure explosiveness and ball control. Players must keep their head up while dribbling.
  3. Try and keep the dribble below the knees forcing defenders to get low.Players must attack their defender – not avoid them.
  4. When dribbling know what you want, what your counter will be and when to pick up your dribble. Have purpose
  5. Attack towards the basket, don’t get pushed towards side lines. Take short straight angles, not long curvy banana angles.
  6. Work your weak hand as much as possible.
  7. Using change of speed dribbles to improve decision making and elusiveness.
  8. Players must be able to change direction with their dribble to keep the defender off balance.
  9. Once a player beats their defender they must: Keep their dribble out in front of them, Keep their defender behind them and, Close the gap between them.
  10. Players must work constantly at improving their dribbling techniques and mechanics.

If you are a parent or player looking for an AAU basketball team that serves the Ladera Ranch area  contact us today.