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Face Up And Attack Foot Work By Orange County Basketball Trainer

13 Feb Face Up And Attack Foot Work By Orange County Basketball Trainer

Often I see basketball trainers in Orange County, Ladera Ranch, Irvine, Tustin and more , post their training sessions. Most of the time I see a hodge podge of dribbling drills by these basketball trainers from all over OCĀ  that would make me believe they are training club and AAU basketball players for a try out with the Harlem Globe Trotters. Moves I have never seen used in a game or even functional in real game scenarios. Helping players focus on footwork is of utmost importance and there is a lack of that with today’s so called basketball trainersĀ  in Orange County.

Footwork takes time, must be repetitive and total focus is a must. Its a training that doesn’t look cool or cater to the masses, but it a college or HS coaches dream to see a player perform this simple face up move. Basic footwork will go a long way and it is easy to build off of. Here you will see a simple face up to attack from the post position. This simple move should be repeated 50 times a day from both sides. It will help the player get comfortable with facing up. Once one pivot is mastered then you switch pivots so the player becomes versatile and comfortable pivoting both ways. There are so many counters off this one move that will make a player effective at the AAU and high school level. Try this consistently for 2-3 weeks and watch the results come to life in a game.