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Float Dribble Series By Orange County Basketball Trainer

23 Jul Float Dribble Series By Orange County Basketball Trainer

Check out this fantastic float dribble series by Orange County Basketball Trainer: OC Select Basketball in Orange County prides itself on staying on top of the AAU Basketball scene and latest techniques. So here Jordan Lawley explains and demonstrates the “Float Dribble”.

A “float dribble” is a great way to allow yourself time to bait and hook a defender. The pause/float of the dribble allows for your defender to make adjustments in their stance (ie relax on heels or overplay a certain direction) and then take advantage of those defensive adjustments by quickly changing speeds in to your next move. Here¬†@k1irving¬†uses his float dribble while peering over the on-ball screen that is meant to be set for him; this pause/float and misdirection of his eyes cause the defender to shift…badly lol. Here are a few things to consider when attempting a float dribble:

1.) KEEP YOUR HAND ON TOP OF THE BALL!! This move is NOT a carry unless u make it one by dropping your hand underneath the ball as it floats

2.) make sure your last dribble before the float dribble has enough force to get up to your hand and stick (too weak of a dribble won’t allow you to float the ball for very long)

3.) be explosive by changing speeds when you go into your move after the float dribble

4.) keep your core tight and weight evenly balanced while loading and exploding off outside foot when you change directions.

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