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OC Tribe Basketball Orange County

24 Jun OC Tribe Basketball Orange County

With Coach Kara growing up in Orange County and playing for the Woodbridge High School Warriors, sometimes his teams are referred to as OC Tribe Basketball. Most of his basketball players come from the Orange County area and like the fact that he was a Warrior. Although his club name is not called OC Tribe Basketball, his following has grown tremendously due to his coaching staff and commitment to the fundamentals of the game. The Select philosophy is not that of putting a bunch of athletes on a team and playing run and gun. His philosophy is taking players who are committed to the game of club basketball and teaching them the proper mind set and fundamentals that will benefit them in the long. This club does not make false promises to players or parents about how we can get them college scholarships and full rides to private schools.

The promise is that the coaching staff will teach the Select players foot work, defensive stance, angles and above all team work.  In the animal world together ants move plants that 100’s of times heavier them by doing it as a team. That mind set is prevalent in all that we teach. We hope that the reader took something away from what we do and our Tribe is one that fights hard, never quits and always learns. Hope to hear from you soon!