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Cutting and Curling Basketball Shooting Drill for AAU Players

07 Oct Cutting and Curling Basketball Shooting Drill for AAU Players

As an Orange County AAU Basketball Club Coach, I have noticed the art of moving and scoring without the ball dwindle. Here is a great drill that coaches can use at practice and players can perform on their own at any basketball court.

The key to moving without the ball is knowing where your teammates are at all times. Another key is to be able to change speeds and never stand in the same spot for more than 2 seconds. Use this basic drill to get lots of shots up, work on game shots and not stand still. Its also a great way to fatigue out and make shots under duress.

1.Start from underneath the basket run around the and curl, catch and shoot.
2. Go back under basket shoot out towards and flare for a pull up.
3. Run back under the basket slash up and backdoor.
4. Player can not go to the same chair twice in a row.

Repeat this pattern for a timed amount of time. I recommend min of 45 seconds or until 15 shots are made. The 15 shots made approach will fatigue the player more, place mental pressure and promote focus either when shots are going in or when they are not falling as the player would hope.