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Side To Side Line Basketball Drill

10 May Side To Side Line Basketball Drill

At OC Select Basketball training we use this side line to side line drill in order to promote conditioning, squaring up and attacking. It gives a young AAU/club basketball playing athlete repetitions in driving baseline off of a pump fake and attacking the basket. You need at least 2 people in this drill. One person to rebound and pass while the other attacks. We usually go for about 45 seconds per repetition for 3 rounds. Players alternate after 45 seconds. The basketball player must go side line to side (not 3 point line to 3 point line) as quickly as they can, but each time they catch the ball of the pass they need to square up, control their space and pump fake before attacking the basket baseline. Its a great basketball conditioning drill as well. If done right it helps AAU and club players gain confidence, strength and foot work while stationary during a course of a game as they analyze whether to pass, dribble, shoot or attack. Our rule of thumb is you must make any decision in about .9 seconds otherwise the defense adapts and must work less at disrupting an individuals or teams offensive movement.