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The Basketball Jab Step

30 Jan The Basketball Jab Step

As one of the leading club basketball and AAU teams in Orange County, Ladera Ranch and Irvine we want to help youth basketball players not only find the right program, but also provide tips that help make players better.  OCYS.org (Orange County Youth Sports) understands that the  game of basketball is complex and requires players to have abilities that allow them to cut, stop/go, deceive, turn, spin, allude defenders and more. Therefore, in this blog post we want to touch on the importance of a jab step.

For the proper growth of any youth  basketball players in Orange County including AAU players, especially on the offensive end; the jab step  is a basic move, but provides versatility and enables a player with the ball to read the defense and help his team score by any means. We feel there should be a progression of the jab stab when AAU/Club and youth basketball players in Irvine, Ladera Ranch and all over are growing within their respective position. Each fundamental movement on offense begins with a triple threat (place an image). The jab step (place an image) is a move that entails your non pivot foot to jab forward in order to make the defense react, whether you go anywhere or not. Once your jab step is complete you must react depending on what your defender does within seconds.

Here is the breakdown:

1. Jab Step and Drive- This step will allow you to create imbalance with your defender allowing you to read him. After you jab step a few things will happen. Your defender may drop back. If he/she drops back with the left foot forward, the most optimum move would be to take quick long dribble to the defender right side by pushing off your rear foot and simply stepping forward with you jabbing leg (foot that is in front). Remember to rub the defenders shoulder do not be afraid of contact, avoiding contact allows for the defensive basketball player to react and make up ground.

2. Cross Over Drive From A Jab Step- Like always, catch the ball go into an immediate triple threat and jab step forward reading the defenders arms and feet. If the players left foot is forward, crossover dribble to the right keeping your dribble and body low while moving quickly. A key point here is to not bring your jabbing foot (front foot) back. Explode off your rear leg and use your front leg to keep the defender “sealed out” behind you. Make sure to drive hard in straight line, this will ensure your defender must work harder in order to recover.

3. Integrate Jab Step into Jump Shot- Make a hard jab, read your defensive man. If he drops back pull up and shoot the jumper.

4. Jab Step, Shot Fake and Drive- Usually after a basketball player hits a few outside shots a defender becomes more reactive to the pump fakes and ball fakes the offensive player throws out! Knowing this, use your jab step, step back with a shot pump and keep your eyes on the defender. If the defender steps up off balance or jumps make your hard drive to the basketball hoop.

5. Jab Step, Shot Fake, One Dribble Drive and Jump Shot- Again, after you hit a few outside jumpers your defender will be more reactive to your jump shot, pumps fake and jab steps. As you receive a pass for a jumper off of a swing or screen, your defender will most likely come flying at you forgetting to close out. Use this to your advantage by utilizing the pump and dribble drive. A few opportunities may arise out of this. Either a pull up shot, a drive to the rack or a drive and dish. No matter what, those are all great situations to have come out during an offensive set.

OC Select AAU and Club Basketball serves the cities of Irvine, Ladera Ranch, Santa Margarita and Coto De Caza. Thanks you for taking the time and reading this article. If you have any tips or ways to improve players in youth basketball, please comment in our comments section. We would love to hear your input!