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Ways To Improve Basketball Skills For AAU Players

20 Feb Ways To Improve Basketball Skills For AAU Players

5 Ways to Improve Basketball Skills

If you’re interested in the sport of AAU/Club basketball in Irvine, Newport Beach, Tustin or Orange County; you will always need to improve yourself at it. Even  the most talented of people require improving and perfecting. The will to improve oneself in basketball combined with the right encouragement and guidance can help you begin on the path on improving your basketball skills and training regime. The best way to become better at the sport is to get professional basketball training by Orange County and Irvine trainers as it is very beneficial. But, whether you are going for a trainer or going solo, here are 5 ways that can help you improve your basketball skills.

Working on Your Speed, Quickness, and Agility

Often the most important way of improving your playing skills has nothing to do with the specific game, but the player. People, when they are training for basketball in Orange County, overlook this aspect and only work to improve their shooting, passing, cutting, etc. – not that these are not important, but there are other aspects that matter as well, aspects which indirectly improve these basketball playing acts. Speed, quickness, and agility covers all the playing aspects of basketball. It helps you defend well, shoot well, etc. therefore, should not be ignored in training at all. Click here to contact one of our trainers today!

Work On Your Posture

Posture is extremely important and it makes one go from being good at basketball to being great at it. If your posture is correct, you will have better control over the game, the ball, and most importantly, yourself. Whilst dribbling, especially, posture goes a long way to help so focus. Focus on your knees and how they bend, focus on keeping your eyes up most of the times, focus on your upper body, etc. Butt out, back straight with a lower center of gravity. Basketball is played from the feet up.

Focus More on Your Weaknesses

In an almost subconscious manner, you will notice that you spend more time practicing things you are good at rather than the points you are bad at. It is human nature to focus more on our good points and it gives us more confidence but weaknesses matter more than your good points. Not to say that you should completely abandon good aspects but to say that focus on your flaws more. Your opponents will always try to find your weaknesses and exploit them so don’t give them anything to exploit!


Teamwork pays off. Basketball is not a single player game, so it has to work with other players which is why teamwork is so important. Learn to pass, learn to understand when to work with others and when to take the reins in your own hands. It is a very crucial aspect of basketball and since it is a team game, you can’t take full control all the time so you have to learn to give someone else the control as well. All AAU/Club basketball coaches in Orange County, Irvine, Newport Beach and all over love team players. Moving the ball to get the defense moving, giving up a good shot for a better one and always staying positive and uplifting your teammates are traits that are priceless!

Practice All Basics

And then, lastly, focus on the basics of basketball. Practice shooting, dribbling, defense, etc. and once you’re done with that, practice again. Remember, practice makes perfect; it may be a cliché but it’s true. Practice and practice frequently, but don’t tire yourself out too much to get annoyed of the repetitive acts.