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What To Look For In A Basketball Trainer

15 Mar What To Look For In A Basketball Trainer

What to Look for In a Basketball Trainer

We all understand that to improve at a sport, the right basketball training from the right trainer in Orange County and Irvine is necessary. When it comes to getting a right basketball trainer in Irvine, Newport Beach, Tustin and Orange County, its important to know what makes basketball trainer become the “right” trainer? Many people are often confused as to what they should look for so here are some characteristics that you should look for in a basketball trainer, as these make a trainer the right one.

Expertise Regarding the Sport

If you are paying someone to be your Orange County basketball trainer, you need to confirm that your money’s going towards professional and authentic training and that is only achieved through expertise. Expertise means the trainer should have at least played the sport or coached it for at least 2 years at the high school varsity level. The reason that experience is necessary is because even though a person can perfectly understand the sport in theory, they cannot coach properly unless they have experienced playing the game themselves. If you cannot find someone who has played it before, at least find someone who has trained others before, so that you know they are capable enough. Additionally, their experience can benefit you as they do not just offer training but also tips and tricks.

Capable of Teaching

Teaching is a skill. Being a good basketball player doesn’t translate into always being a great trainer. Just because a person knows all about basketball and has even played it before does not mean he’ll make a great trainer, unless they have the skill of teaching and instructing. You have to be sure that the knowledge they have, they’ll be able to forward it to you, using proper leadership, authority, clarity, trust and communication. The right basketball trainer will always be able to express basketball in the right words to an array of players and communicate with their trainees by telling them what to do. Moreover, if the trainer you are looking at is a good teacher AND can display examples of what the trainees should do, that trainer is one you should go for.

Enjoys Basketball and Has a Good Temper 

Basketball training requires patience and a mild temper. Kids in todays age do not respond to aggressive temperament. Pushing a player is a must, but being aggressive should come in short blasts. That way a player understands when they are slacking. Constant aggression in a teaching style only blurs the lines between right and wrong. Quite frankly, most players start to tune a basketball trainer out when it becomes constant. It also can ruin shake your confidence. You’re looking for someone who can encourage and mentor you, not bring you down. Also, the trainer should always enjoy playing or coaching basketball like it is their favorite sport. This may seem unimportant but passion for a game can go a long way to help them coach their trainees better. A trainer who loves basketball will seem upbeat and encouraging whenever he or she shows up to coach someone. They will look to instruct more than scold and only be stern where it’s necessary. When you train with someone who has a positive attitude, you catch on to that positive attitude and it can help increase your love for the game as well.

To put it all into a conclusive paragraph: you are basically looking for a basketball trainer who:

  • Has experience with the sport before
  • Loves the game of basketball
  • Knows how to coach or instruct
  • Love to teach
  • Is patient
  • Wont make false promises
  • Understands that getting better is a long process